Helping rugby league families

September Monthly Wellbeing Activities

A referee battles against hard times.

This Queensland gentleman, who has served our sport well as a referee, now has a battle with cancer. This has impacted his ability to work and keep the bills at bay. The resultant pressure on his health as well as financial concerns of providing for his family have had a tremendous impact. Fortunately, his local Family of League committee heard about his situation and are supporting him and his family through this rough patch.

A family of battlers.

A wonderful lady who maintains a happy household with her husband and 4 children has had her life devastated with cancer. Having regularly volunteered at her footy canteen as well as assisting the rugby league teams, which 3 of her kids played for, this self-confessed ‘Parra fanatic’ adores her family’s connection with the game, while her family have also been greatly embraced by their local club.

Originally from Sydney, they moved to a Queensland community where they feel supported, and the location offers reasonable access to a major hospital. Sadly, she has been told her cancer is not curable… however it is treatable. Although, to make matters worse, her loving husband suffered a massive stroke which has impacted his ability to work.

Receiving limited government support, Family of League has been able to financially bridge the gap and be there for this family as they traverse their way through some dark days.

When business stops.

A family that had few concerns about finance have had their world turn upside down with the recent passing of the family’s father. Having overseen their children playing local community footy in and around Southeast Queensland, the mother is now confronted with some serious, and mounting, bills.

Though the father ran his own business and had health cover, the insurance payout is uncertain as the insurance company is disputing the precise nature of his passing. While this payment would be incredibly helpful, the family has been advised it may take another 12 months to determine an outcome , which has been overwhelming for the mother as she has had to wind up the business and even pay staff out, before any funds go to the family.

Meanwhile, the gap between income and outgoings increases at a progressive rate. Again, as they were connected to a local rugby league community in contact with Family of League, we are there with support.

A big step backwards in life.

A young apprentice roofer in the prime of life, someone who has run on the paddock for the past 3 seasons for his local community team, has incurred a radical change in life by breaking his foot in several places. The latest medical examination suggests a possible timeframe of around 6 months until his foot is capable of maintaining the correct balance and strength required when straddling rooftops during his day-to-day workload.

Living by himself, with no income and Centrelink delayed in offering assistance, all this fellow needs is a temporary helping hand to hold back the financial (and psychological) pressures and help him get back on his feet while he recovers.

These few examples are only a handful of the wellbeing recipients we have been able to assist this September. Stay tuned for next month’s update as we share how Family of League continues to make a difference to our wider rugby league family.