NRLW has kicked off  to success

The 2023 women’s competition has roared off to unprecedented success. And Family of League is backing them up right across the field…

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Come and celebrate our 21st 

Book here for our National 21st Anniversary Gala Lunch. Hosted by Darryl (The Big Marn) Brohman, this will be a fun afternoon to remember…  

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The Daniel Anderson Appeal

In Dec 2022, well-respected coach Daniel suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury that sent shockwaves across our league community…

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For more than 20 years, Men of League supported the family of league, and now our name confirms that. Family of League is an independent, grassroots charitable organisation built on the foundation of teamwork and giving back. We are the rugby league charity and we reflect, represent, respect and support all those who love our game…  (more)

Why membership is so important

We have a network of over 5,000 members and volunteers across NSW, Qld, Vic and the ACT. Membership fees greatly assist our wellbeing support. However, as there are many requiring help, growing our membership base is an essential part of our activities (more)

Fun ways to support wellbeing

Every month, across the East Coast of Australia, we run a raft of fundraising events at either golf, bowls, surf or large clubs. So, if you (and your mates) love a fun experience mingling with ex rugby league players, then check out our upcoming events (more)

Help the rugby league family 

By purchasing a ticket, you’re not only in the running for a fantastic prize, but you’re also helping make a positive impact in your community of the Rugby League Family (more)

How to help our helping hand

Family of League exists to help those most in need in the rugby league community access financial, social and emotional support. From conversations about mental wellbeing, to a friendly visit just when you need it, to crisis funding for life’s unexpected challenges for those who qualify, we’re here to make a difference. Want to help make that difference? (more)

Wellbeing: the main game for Family of League

Our, and your, foundation provides assistance with urgencies such as surgery, rehabilitation, equipment, specialist care as well as wellbeing visits to homes and hospitals. Plus, we address social isolation and promote mental health (more)

A proud legacy of supporting those that support the game

20yrs of giving back

$10m of support

10,000hrs of volunteering

Established in 2002 by rugby league greats Ron Coote, Jim Hall and Max Brown, we have provided support and volunteer service to those in the rugby league community, in their most challenging times.