Rugby league fans assisted by the Family of League's wellbeing assistance.

March Monthly Wellbeing Activities


A 50-year-old lady, together with her husband and teenage son are hitting crisis point. While both parents have had very active lives with their footy club, their son, who has spent years running on to the paddock since commencing with the Under 7s, is now suffering from Osteosarcoma… a form of cancer.

Initially dismissed as just a niggling knee issue, Mum finally talked her son into getting a professional opinion. After an MRI, the cause of his complaint was identified as cancer behind the knee.

To make matters worse, initial treatment did little to mitigate the growth. The medical team then advised both parents the cancerous growth was moving towards their son’s thigh. After an incredible amount of stress, the difficult decision was made to amputate their son’s leg above his knee… thus saving his life.

The young man then endured chemotherapy while learning to adjust to his new life in a wheelchair, while preparing to receive his prosthetic leg.

However, while there was tremendous hope he would adjust to his new lifestyle and the family planned for the best way forward, his health now changed for the worse. During a follow-up examination, it was discovered the cancer had now spread to his lungs.

This devastating find has led to him receiving a terminal diagnosis.

After suffering a collapsed lung, the son and family relocated to their state’s major city and hospital facilities. As one would expect, this family disaster has affected their work/financial situation… which is another worry as the parents prepare for their son’s final days.

Family of League are assisting with their financial pressures while also providing other support where we can.

Battling issues in and outside the home

A single mother of two, who has been under financial pressure for quite some time, is now facing the pressures of keeping her home. While having spent over 12 years supporting her sons throughout their community footy, she also assisted with the team management, canteen, can bar and barbie fundraising duties. So, rugby league and her family have been no strangers.

Unfortunately, as of late, the mother has also been a victim of domestic violence. Now by herself, and looking after one of her sons, she is under pressure to provide food on the table as well as dealing with rental and bond arrears. So much so, she is in danger of losing her and her son’s accommodation. Plus, there are transport costs and outstanding utility bills.

It has been determined that, as this mother has been a great supporter of our game, the Family of League are here to support her at this critical time.

Taking knocks on and off the field

A man in his mid-40s, who previously played over 20 years in JRLF/Community footy teams, as well as playing for a major NRL team, is now fighting battles off the field. Due to receiving head knocks and other health issues, he was advised to stay off the paddock and allow his body to adjust to a less combative lifestyle.

Just over a year ago, he suffered a stroke. Several months later, after returning to partial work, he incurred another medical relapse… resulting in him losing partial sight in the upper right quadrant of both eyes. Doctors are advising he may not be healthy enough to ever return to work, leaving him with a mountain of bills to pay.

Having invested much of his life in rugby league, the Family of League are here to offer him a financial hand and other assistance in appreciation of his footy commitment.

These wonderful football people, and many other wellbeing recipients, have been assisted due to the magnificent support from our members, donators, corporate sponsors and fundraising event supporters.