Family of League provide wellbeing support for those involved in rugby league.

January Monthly Wellbeing Activities

A dramatic shift in lifestyle

A 65-year-old gentleman who played footy for three different clubs is now confronting a new battle in his life. Last year, due to poor circulation, he had his left leg amputated below the knee. Not only has this been a dramatic shock to an otherwise healthy person, this loss of limb resulted in the patient losing a large part of his independent lifestyle.

While there is hope he will eventually recuperate to a level which allows him to drive a car, in the current circumstances he requires the use of a motorised scooter to get to the shops, access community facilities as well as visit neighbours and local friends.

So, Family of League have equipped this ex-player with the appropriate scooter equipped with a canopy, plus two years of servicing. As someone who spent many years on the field bring pleasure to footy fans, it is now our turn to show our appreciation.

Facing many battles, this man is desperate for a win

Another ex-footballer (pictured above) is also facing extremely large challenges… and plenty of them. This senior citizen also played for several clubs including junior and senior footy. Once he put the boots away, he continued to contribute to our game via committee involvement.

However, his focus is now dealing with an array of health threats. These include prostate cancer, lung cancer and bone cancer. Plus, he is struggling with heart disease. Compounding all this, several years ago he was injured in a motorcycle accident… resulting in long term issues associated with back and limb fractures.

These health pressures have also compounded his mobility and he desperately requires a motorised scooter to access local facilities.

Again, we have been able to step in and provide assistance to this man’s desperate needs, setting him up with the appropriate scooter as well as a back-up battery. And, as he’s a Bulldogs’ supporter, we provided him with a blue one!

Facing a sudden health catastrophe after decades of footy dedication

A middle-aged man who, together with his immediate family, has spent over 35 years actively involved with rugby league. Either playing (his daughter also ran on to the paddock), coaching, mentoring… even assisting in canteen, front gate, can bar duties as well as selling raffle tickets.

Working as head coach, his health deteriorated to such an extent that he was eventually diagnosed with Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy. Unfortunately, there is no known treatment available to treat or even manage this condition. Hence, he will be continued visual impairment for the rest of his life.

He has lost his ability to work and will need considerable support just to undertake routine daily tasks.

This shocking illness has drained the family’s finances, not only with pressure to maintain mortgage and utility payments… but even to put food on the table. Plus, the medical bills are also mounting.

As per the previous wellbeing recipients, Family of League are supporting this gentleman and his family – as it is an honour to show our appreciation to those that have given to our game.