April Monthly Wellbeing Experiences

Family of League are here to support those that have supported our great game!

Another busy month of assisting with wellbeing issues has come and gone. Here is a small ‘glimpse’ of the many folk we have, and continue to, support during their tough times:

A gentleman in his 60s required financial support to assist with a hip replacement. As a player and volunteer for over 35 years, including everything from coach to groundsman in the South-East Qld region, he has made a significant contribution to rugby league. Three recent back operations and ongoing medical support is also severely eradicating his, as well as his wife’s, financial future. Currently, he isn’t mobile without the assistance of crutches or walking sticks via both arms. Even so, he experiences severe pain and distress in the process. Compound this with the associated physical and emotional stress and you can readily understand his and their life is radically affected.

Fortunately, Family of League are assisting them at this time.

A wonderful lady in her mid-30s, has been involved with our great game for over 20 years. Her husband coached as well as played (together with their three kids) in local teams, while she also managed teams, even collecting monies at entry gates and serving the good stuff at club canteens.

Unfortunately, domestic violence has shattered this family. Not only was she, and her sons, treated violently, this poor lady was misled with the family income and savings. After many years of loyally supporting her husband and kids, she has virtually nothing.

Therefore, not only have the lives of this mother and her sons been dramatically impacted, her ability to pay for life’s basics, including simple school necessities, has become quite desperate.

However, we are there.

Aged 40, married, and living in the outer Western Suburbs of Sydney, this gentlemen played in the juniors for 6 years… with some of their kids playing for local teams as well as volunteering. Sadly, he has been diagnosed with advanced cancer requiring chemotherapy and medication. With side effects challenging his daily activities and facing massive health issues, this gentleman can’t work any further… plus his annual leave and sick pay have been exhausted, with any savings totally depleted.

What the family requires, aside from stability in health, is support to pay the bills and assist with horrendous medical costs. Again, Family of League are making a difference.

There’s also a wonderful fellow in his early 70s who abides in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. He has spent time as a coach and assistant coach for major Sydney teams, and even to this day still works part-time at a local footy club. However, Parkinson’s Disease has struck. This adjustment to life requires a relocation to more suitable accommodation and, as he has had a knee operation, he’ll require something low on the ground. In an age group where Super was not a high priority all those years ago, he has financial pressures as to how to pay for his upcoming radical lifestyle challenges.

As with the above situations, Family of League are assisting this rugby league warrior, as well as many, many others that have nowhere to turn. No doubt, we will share some of these and upcoming experiences next month. Stay healthy!