Family of League wellbeing activities in November 2023

November Monthly Wellbeing Activities

The smallest battler takes on the biggest of challenges

A large family of seven has recently relocated from North Queensland to the southern part of the state, with the father having run on to the paddocks for the past 15 years for both regions. Sadly, one their young sons, a JRLFC player who hasn’t even reached the age of 10, has now been diagnosed with a form of brain cancer.

He has had a stent inserted into his brain in order to drain excess fluid while also being fitted with a special helmet and body suit to protect him during his many weeks of radiation. This is all to prepare his suitability for operations to remove an array of tumours.

To compound this oppressive situation, the father is also impacted by health issues and is unable to work.

Fortunately, someone in his local footy club contacted the Family of League, and we have been able to alleviate some of the financial pressures this family are currently facing.

On field injury tackles a promising career

A young footy player in his early 20s has also relocated to the big smoke of Sydney from his hometown in Northern NSW. For the past few years he has had a good run with the Harold Matthews Cup as well as the SC Ball teams. Living in the southern suburbs, life seemed quite promising as he split his love of rugby league with his worktime activities. However, he incurred an on-field injury where his shoulder was dislocated, requiring surgery.

While certain medical bills were taken care of by insurance, he has not been able to return to work until he is medically cleared. Living away from home, his bills have been escalating. Plus, he is also under emotional pressure as his mother is suffering from bowl cancer. He was introduced to the Family of League by another player we have assisted, and our wellbeing officers have been able to ‘bridge the financial gap’ and provide a stabilising influence on his precarious situation.

Losing everything, including the roof over their heads

A mother of two has been facing a battle to find accommodation for her family. Having split from her ex-husband several years ago, someone who had initially played during the 80s for junior and senior grades in several NSW clubs, life has been tough as a single mum. Having once been a ball girl for a regional NSW footy club, her parents were also deeply involved with our sport as captain, coach and president of several clubs.

Her ex-husband had been providing enormous assistance to their children through child support and paid for most of the children’s expenses including school fees, excursions, uniforms and sporting registrations, etc. However, he has now passed away leaving her children without a father and very distraught.

Dealing with financial, accommodation and emotional issues has been quite overwhelming for this mum. Dealing with family transport is also a major concern as she suffers from epilepsy and can’t drive, which also impacts her ability to earn an income. Again, like so many people we have assisted this month – and year – Family of League wellbeing officers are assisting this family to a better quality of life.