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Why you should become a member…

Starting at only $25, your membership fees are tremendously helpful with assisting our wellbeing support. Our sole reason for existing is to help our rugby league community and offer a hand to those that have been involved in our great game, but are now facing hard times. Giving back… you might say.

Not only will you be doing something worthy, you’ll also be aware of the scores of events we run across Eastern Australia. Usually held in golf, bowls and surf clubs, or sometimes nice pubs, they’re a great way to mingle with rugby league players and have fun while raising funds for (what thousands of rugby league fans believe is) a fantastic cause.

Make a difference!

As a member, you’ll also receive our monthly digital newsletter. Easy to digest, it keeps you up-to-date with Family of League activities as well as events. However, and more importantly, we also share (discreet) stories of wellbeing recipients we assist each month. So you will know we genuinely care for our rugby league community.

So, if you have a heart for helping others, and you can identify with those that love our game, then make a difference… click here to join us now!