Monthly Wellbeing Experiences

National Wellbeing Manager Roxanne Moates shares a few rugby league wellbeing experiences at a recent committee event.

Imagine you are 80 years old and you miss your partner who is now in aged care? There’s also no super and the last couple of months are so financially tight you can’t even meet all your bills, plus you know it’s only a matter of time until you lose the roof over your head… and there’s no-one to help.

Until someone shares your experience to Family of League.

Now, Family of League are paying the rent for this recipient, whose partner played as a junior in a Sydney suburban team. We will continue to provide this support for the next 6 months as the search continues for suitable accommodation.

We were even able to provide short term accommodation for a recipient who had played for several Sydney Clubs. While dealing with sleeping rough, the player was also undergoing treatment for cancer. In recent weeks, we have assisted in the purchase of a camper van which supplements their personal lifestyle and freedom.

A young fellow who has been playing rugby league for local teams around Ipswich required shoulder surgery. With recuperation taking longer than expected, the cash simply ran out. After validating his financial dilemma, we are making sure he has accommodation and the essentials of life until he is ‘back in the game’.

Providing support for aged partners of those that have been involved in rugby league appears to be increasing in frequency. A lovely 76-year-old lady who lives in a region north of Sydney was also assisted this month by Family of League. Her husband had passed away, her carer moved overseas, and she was facing issues paying for food and utilities… with the final humiliation of eviction also confronting her. We are continuing to search for alternative accommodation while also bringing a solution to this recipient’s financial concerns.

And while balancing age and health issues can be overwhelming at times, how would you feel if your house also burnt down in the process? This is the situation facing one of our recipients, someone with substantial rugby league player, admin and management experience. He and his wife are now being assisted by Family of League as they reclaim their previous health and lifestyle.

The above is only a small handful of wellbeing activities we have been involved with. Without the previously mentioned recipients, our great game would not be the same. As a member, your ability to support us support recipients (often at critical times), is one way to thank these people for their many decades of work in and around the grass roots (and above) of rugby league. So, thank you for your support. Let’s see what we get up to next month.