Caring for someone doing it tough, with support from the Family of League

June Monthly Wellbeing Activities

North of Sydney

In an area a few hours north of Sydney, there’s a family facing the horror of horrors. Dad, the guiding light of the family, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. What’s more, he has been diagnosed with metastatic carcinoma, with associated spinal cord compression and paraplegia… meaning a loss of power and sensation from the chest down as well as significant back pain. He has a urinary catheter and limited bed mobility. Mum, his and the family’s magnificent supporter, is endlessly running around keeping the family together while coping and preparing for her beloved’s sadly inevitable passing. 

This outstanding lady and her much-loved hubby have previously been involved in their local rugby league club as team manager, club treasure and more… whatever it takes to make the club perform. Not only is this family’s life shattered, compounding their ever-present emotional pressure, financial sledge hammers are crushing the minutes of every day. Looking at ceilings each night while trying to grab much-needed sleep, this family are desperate to survive and make some kind of future.

Through rugby league connections, Family of League have been invited to assist this family. Our community-based committee members are there doing what we can, financially and emotionally.

West of Brizzie

Having run around league paddocks throughout the 90s, then assisting the game as a junior coach as well as a variety of administration roles, plus running footy clinics, this now middle-aged single mum is faced with a truckload of financial pressure.

Having split from her hubby after 20+ years, she looks after her 4 kids while living with an ailing mum. Compounding a miserable situation, this over-pressured mother is desperate for dental assistance while her car also has health issues. One of her sons is at a critical stage at school and doesn’t have a home computer to assist with his studies. Summing up, the family has no way to pay for ongoing school costs let alone put their vehicle back on the road. 

Our Foundation is supporting this family up and bringing relief, however we can.

South of Brisbane

Having made a significant contribution to rugby league by playing for over 25 years (from junior right up to state representation), this now late 60s gentleman requires assistance with his accommodation. Not only did he have a high-profile career, even playing with Artie Beetson, he excelled for many years as a teacher.

Having concerned his wife with severe bouts of forgetfulness, frustration and temperament irregularities, he has now been diagnosed with dementia. Health issues have also affected his wife, who is suffering depression and anxiety issues.

While dealing with delays due to  confronting medical issues, their accommodation has also been deteriorating with recent roof repairs delayed due to a major issue with asbestos. And a cold winter has certainly made its presence known to this couple.

Again, Family of League are there to sort out the situation and fund a more comfortable life.

North West of the Sunshine Coast

Here’s another fellow who has played over 20 years in community footy. Now a tradie, a serious injury has resulted in many months off work… which has taken a large bite out of his and his partner’s finances.

So much so, they had to move back home into her parent’s home. However, there are growing financial pressures as they require a paid storage facility for their possessions, and he is still not healthy enough to return to work.

There is also a substantial amount of other wellbeing applicants we have been dealing with this month, up and down the East Coast of Australia. They, like all the above, are being provided comforting support as we work out a solution to their issues. Along the way we call, pop in, have coffee and spend time with these folk. Reminding them they are not alone with their problems. As they gave to rugby league on and off the field, we return the support to them… with thanks!