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February Monthly Wellbeing Activities

A veteran of on-field battles doing it tough off-field

A mother of three daughters and avid Broncos as well as Warriors supporter, this 30-something player has run on the paddock for over half a dozen teams and grades. In the process of leading a busy life on the field, as well as an active family life in between games, this mum started to notice a growing and deeper pain, from what had previously been slightly annoying but regular headaches.

This now presented as something quite menacing.

Late last year, upon consultation with a radiologist, she was told some very confronting news… and underwent brain surgery to remove a large tumour pushing on her brain stem.

Because of her intensive recovery, she is unable to work or drive for quite some time.

Although this operation has relieved the intense headaches she had been suffering from, she is now facing pressure associated with paying the bills and maintaining a stable household; having exhausted her sick leave and holiday entitlements.

Our foundation is now assisting with payments towards her mortgage, utility bills and living expenses.

Sea eagle fan grounded with a busted knee

Another mum, with a passion for the Sea Eagles and one of her three sons playing in a local JRLFC, has incurred a knee injury.

In recent months, she has been on unpaid maternity leave looking after her 8-month-old twins. To compound her loss of income, her tradie husband has recently lost his job. This can’t be easily replaced as he has to ‘keep the home fires burning’ and look after his three children and recuperating wife… who is unable to bear weight on her leg.

Because of their connection with the JRLFC, and their club voicing that this mum has been a great asset to junior footy, Family of League are stepping in to provide monetary support with their escalating financial pressures.

The damage one miscalculated step can make

An ex-player in his 50s, who played from the late 70s to late 90s for teams on both sides of the Qld/NSW border has also been doing it tough.

In a family besotted with rugby league, he and his wife raised several children, with two of the three playing for local footy clubs… as well as the community cricket team in summer.

As a self-employed carpenter, he is often approached to lend his experience to his friends and neighbours. Early in 2024, he was doing ‘the right thing’ and assisting a friend to remove corrugated iron off a household roof. To everyone’s shock, witnesses spotted him falling headfirst directly on to the concrete at the base of his ladder.

Sustaining a number of serious injuries, including a contusion to his head, multiple fractured ribs (some ribs were later described as shattered), punctured lung leading to pneumothorax and a fracture to his left wrist/thumb. Needless to say, although he lived… he is in a very bad way.

While swathed in a mass of bandages and facing a substantial time of recuperation ahead, as the sole income earner for his wife and himself, this gentlemen is also faced with a barrage of financial worries.

As there is no question to he and his family’s commitment to rugby league and their many years of support for our sport, the Family of League Foundation has stepped in to alleviate their fiscal concerns.