Get involved in this 2024 Family of League event:

Qld weekend round, July 13-14

Vic weekend round, July 20-21

NSW/ACT weekend round, July 27-28

We love it when our rugby league community comes together. It’s how we give back… and show our ongoing support for those in our footy family!   

Crazy Socks round

Your team’s sock purchase will assist those doing it tough in the footy community

Just $15 a pair (plus package and shipping)

For more information call Doug Kean: 0409 031 711 

Click here to order your Crazy Socks

Grass roots community teams, right through to the NRL gun clubs

All rugby league clubs and players are invited to knock their (normal) socks off for the annual Family of League Foundation Crazy Sock round. Funds raised will go towards the Family of League’s wellbeing program. This supports the men, women and children of the rugby league community that need a helping hand!

Sock it to us. Show us just how competitive your team can be on Crazy Sock round

Getting involved is simple. Click the button and buy your socks (usually teams buy bulk via their club. This makes delivery more economical and delivered quicker… plus no player misses out because their parents forgot to purchase). Photograph your team wearing them during your state’s Crazy Sock round. Then send shots to us. 

Once you have ordered your team’s Crazy Socks, while you’re waiting for their delivery (socks will be distributed once received from the supplier, around June 15) you may want to spend the time planning your team photo.

Why? Because, based on the last few years of this campaign, teams wearing Crazy Socks are just as competitive off field as they are on the paddock! Plus, we want to see as many team photos as possible, which we will display online to all the rugby league community across Australia!

So, show us just how creative your team is. For inspiration, check out some of the impressive efforts these teams, from last year, went to on this video…

Why we want you to purchase these socks…

Hear a few words from a husband and wife team that hundreds of rugby league players, admin and volunteers know… and how Family of league were there for them when things were tough…

One final word… at the risk of sounding ‘salesy’, please order asap as these custom-made Crazy Socks are in limited stock. First come, first wear. Thanks for supporting this fantastic cause!