April Monthly Wellbeing Activities

Sometimes it never stops.

A gentleman now in his 70s, who in his younger years ran on the paddock as both a player and referee in the beautiful Southern Queensland as well as the North Coastal region of NSW, together with his wife, is sharing a very tough road ahead.

Having suffered a heart attack many years ago, the damage to his body was so impactful it left him with no choice except to retire from both sporting activity and work. At around the same time his wife was diagnosed with MS. Having spent many years without the control of her left side… she now lives with constant pain. Two years ago, she also underwent hip replacement surgery, in the process she contracted a golden staph infection.

Just when you think this couple had enough, in February this year the wife was diagnosed with bowel cancer and to make matters worse has had cancerous masses located on both sides of her lungs.

Family of League have been invited to improve wheelchair access to their home, requiring the removal of stairs and the installation of a ramp… while at the same time affirming they are not facing adversity alone.

When battle injuries finally catch up.

A middle-aged fellow who played in the 90s for high profile clubs in the NSWRL and UK has also incurred a physical setback. Having once played in an NRL Grand Final, in recent years this tradie has been plying his trade in the community and being a useful member of society.

Having played for substantial clubs over many years, his on-field history left him with a series of concussions and major issues with his knees, specifically cartilage removal and ACL repairs. The past few years have seen this gentleman spend more time in hospital than out… resulting in substantial time away from work and a dramatic impact on his and his family’s financial situation. Family of League wellbeing offices are involved in alleviating his many concerns.

Sometimes the best medicine can be quite simple.

Having played in JRLFC and community footy in the Southern Sydney region, as well as time as a referee, this fellow was enjoying life to the full until that fateful day in 2022 when he was involved in a frightful car accident.

He now battles the pain of standing for long periods of time and cannot leave his house. Work is out of the question. These days, his time is spent planning for and attending the many ongoing surgeries his injury requires. And it was at one of these hospital recuperation times, that our wellbeing officer caught up with him and listened to his many on-field adventures, shared a few laughs and reflected on the changing times… while leaving him with a few Family of League mementos. Sometimes, the greatest gift of all can be just time.

These are some of the many wellbeing recipients Family of League have assisted in April, with more info soon to come about our busy activities in May.